Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Vivian Volta is electric.

The Macbeth, 26/06 - It was the day after Michael Jackson died. The mood was muted and our expectations low. We had no clear idea about what Vivian Volta was and we were undoubtedly preoccupied. We were not expecting to be awestruck, pinned against the wall by brilliance or blown away…but we were!

Vivian transfixed us with his epic soundscape opening, impassioned piano and squealing guitar. We knew immediately that this was a unique musical experience and we should keep our eyes pinned on the stage. The songs were deliciously idiosyncratic, weird and sprawling, strange sounds that come armed with lyrics promising poison and paradise. Holy fuck, we thought, people will soon be talking about being at ‘little’ shows like this. We better get an interview:

Q: When we saw you perform you started your set hidden behind a piano, why were you hiding?

The noises, I didn't want to disturb and then some people started moaning, you don't apply blush in public.

Q: Just how many instruments can you play and why did you start?

Because I was seriously bored with the music available & rather upset that this generation has nothing to show or say that goes beyond retro. It's all about blatantly ripping off the past, please where is the progression, this is not creationism, its art, its music, its self-expression and we're living now and not in the 60s, 80s or 90s. If you don't like their music, make your own.

Q:Who is Blood and Blue (a track on Vivian's My Space) written for?

I'd rather not say, I would love to, but I can't. But what i can tell you is that starvation and insomnia can make you sensationally productive.

Q: What makes a perfect album?

Write a song that is 37 minutes long which can be broken down into 9 different chapters. If you can listen to it in one go without pausing, stopping or BORING.

Q:What kind of fan would you like to have?

A crazy stalker, gifted, obsessive and dedicated.

Q: What's more important, emotion or showmanship?

They kind of go together, dont they?
I would say that empty showmanship is far more enjoyable than boring emotions.


Volta online

1st of August > Bangers & Mash @ 93 Feet East
12th of August > The Last Days Of Decadence
22nd of August > Nuke Them All @ The Old Blue Last
27th of August > Vibe Bar